TORF Local Hydrotherapy with BALNEO-Peat
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Local Hydrotherapy using Torf Moor Mud Single-Foment packshydrocllator pack
Torf Krasno's single foment system can be used for a wide variety of health conditions. The best way to approach proper use of the single foments is to apply the principles of hydrotherapy. Both cold and hot applications are possible with the single foments. Contrast hydrotherapy may also be done.

The Single-foment system consists of 2 components. One component is a pure moor mud (balneo-peat) pack, a moor peat layer enclosed in a plastic foil and a permeable cellulose sheet and the other component is a reusable heat pack - heat carrier. The heat pack is filled with peat and therefore it has the same thermo-physical properties as the peat pack.

Cold Local Hydrotherapy Applications
To get the single foment cold, place it in the refrigerator. Do not place it in the freezer. If a freezer is all you have, put foments for only a short while. Moor mud is not effective when frozen.detox mud pack detail

To use the single foment for a local cold hydrotherapy treatment, place directly onto the skin mesh side down. This allows the moor mud to contact the skin. Then apply a cooled heat pack on top of the foment. Leave on for 20 minutes maximum. The foment should be cold - not freezing. If freezing, the patient or client will become uncomfortable and the treatment cannot last the full 20 minutes. Remember that ice can only be left on the skin for 12 minutes or less - otherwise ischemia followed by necrosis can set in.

Why use cold?
Acute inflammation, pain or spasm is frequently the most often indication. Remember that acute means less than 3 days or 72 hours.

Hot Local Hydrotherapy Applications ( detoxification, pain relief, muscle tissue relaxation, skin cleansing)
Hot applications can be achieved with the single foments. It is best to place a warm towel for a minute on the mesh side of the foment before placing the foment on the patient. This increases the comfort for the patient as the foment will be warm before placed on the skin. (The foment pad should not be warmer then the body temperature before application)

After the initial warming to body temperature, place the foment mesh side down on the treatment site * (figure 1 & 2). Heat pack (blue) is heated to 122°F and placed on the top of foment pad (figure 3). Client is then covered with blanket for comfort (figure 4). Treatment time is the same for the local cold treatment - 20 minutes. Longer than 20 minutes can fatigue the patient or create a healing response which is undesirable.

foment pack procedure
* Do not leave the patient unattended! The foment can become hot and burn the patient. Place two layers of towels between a heat pack and the foment if the patient feels too much heat. If the foment gets too hot, simply remove the foment and heat pack from the patient. After a few seconds, reapply the foment and heat pack. However, add another towel between the heat pack and the foment.

Torf Single-Foment System is popular with many sport professionals and enthusiasts. Among others, also pro-football players. Go Steelers!!!
Most musculoskeletal conditions, back pain, PMS, lumbago, sciatica, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, trauma, strains, sprains, fractures, sports injuries, post-operative rehabilitation, metabolic disorders, obesity, gynecological disorders, orthopedic, neurological disorders, eczema, general detoxification.

Serious disorders of the central nervous system, acute urethrocystitis, pregnancy, decompensated cardiopathy, hypertension, serious circulatory disorders, fever, serious inflammatory skin diseases, heat sensitivity, open skin injury, bleeding, oncoids (if there are any complications consult with a physician).

Heat packs should be heated in warm water. Hydrocollator units can be used. Application temperature should not exceed 122°F (50°C). Do not heat foment pads in water!
detox mud pack procedures
Many applications of Torf Single-foment therapy
Disposal: Unlike some other mud used in therapy (Dead Sea mud or parafango), used peat in the single-use pad could be easily disposed of. Since the peat inside the pad is 100% natural with no additives, it can be used in the garden or on lawns or fields. Only the packaging material needs to be thrown away.
Single-foment detox pads and heat packs are currently only available for spa professionals, clinics and therapists.
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